Friday, October 21, 2011

Tip Number 19: End girl on girl hostility.

it's always funny to run into people you know and love waiting on in your bar. it really is, if you actually do love them. if not, meh. most of my regulars are couples and chicks. this surprises people to no end as i think they think i perform sex acts on all of my male customers simply because i am a single female. i can pay my rent and bills in 3 shifts. pretty sure i don't need to be giving out handies with every pizza sale.i just don't have the time.


a couple i had known about a year was sitting across the bar from me and my friends. they were drunk, but then, so was i. i bought them a few shots, and girl came up to talk to me. "You know, when i first started coming in to BLANK, i really did not want you to wait on us. you were so friendly, it was weird, i thought you were hitting on my boyfriend. you look like the type my boyfriend would leave me for. he sucks, sometimes. but then i realized that you are just nice. sorry. you aren't a slut, but, you know? love you."

i had to sit for a minute after that. sip sip vodka soda.sip. all gone. i remember being with a guy who used to check out waitresses. and baristas. and fucking everything that moved. it made me feel terribly paranoid and insecure. i would call him on it, he would say i was a lunatic. so i get it. but it is not my fault.

if your boyfriend is checking out the server, or if you are just being insecure, well, don't take your shit out on me. i treat everyone the same. i am always in a good mood, and i have never and will never flirt with my customers. i make really good money because i am consistent and thoughtful. not because i am eye candy who will pretend to worship you. this is not a strip club or a sex chat line. i am not getting paid enough hourly to entertain your fantasies, and i am guessing the five bucks you are going to write in as a tip no matter what the bill, will not keep me warm at night.

the uniform is something i have heard comments on from a few females, as well. funny. i was wearing black tights, a black mini skirt, black flats and a fitted black logo tshirt. the girl who made the comment? wearing almost exactly the same outfit. she  was just pear shaped, short and a bit flat. so we look a bit different in our outfits, but how can a girl say i look slutty, when we are wearing the same fucking thing? Hey jealousy? sorry, you ain't never gonna look like me.

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