Friday, October 21, 2011

So a girl walks into a bar...

a girl i know walks into the bar i work with some dude and two other girls. one girl, cleavage, brown tan and acne scars is a bit frumpy, so the eyes slide right by her, as i am sure she is totally used to, what with being friends with the absolute train wreck to her right. miss thaaaaang walks in on stilettos, short skirt, sunglasses and a super plunge top. tan tan tan. makeup, holy shit. she does have good hair,though, and would be very pretty without all the extra shit. she looks like a parody. people are judging her, she has fans and foes. namely a very pretty mousy girl who is sitting with her thug life dipshit boyfriend at the table next to them. pretty mouse is staring at her and laughing, probably uncomfortable that her jaggoff boyfriend cannot seem to prize his eyes away from her cleavage. nothing much happens while porn girl is there. she eats some pizza, drinks some diet cokes, goes to the bathroom 50 times, and has every cook in the kitchen coming out to stare at her. not from lust, more fascination.

so where was i going with this? oh yeah. she looked ridiculous, but i like all people and treat everyone the same, even thuggster and bambi at the table next door who were rude and demanding. the difference between the two tables? porn queen gave me a 25 percent tip. thickwad gave me a 0 percent tip. that is the difference. as soon as you walk out the door, i have forgotten you, unless you make me remember with numbers like that. porn girl is always going to get a smile from me. d bag will have to wait a few extra minutes while i take care of the people that actually don't suck.

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