Wednesday, August 8, 2012


when i was little, i was a total barbie girl. not to say i had a spray tan and a blond wig, just that i was very, very fond of the dolls. my mom thought me adorable and so indulged me 100 percent.  i guess what is making me think of this is that, at the tender age of 8, i seemed to have a complete grasp of what dating in my twenties would be like.

see, my barbies all had jobs. some were teachers, some models, some musicians, some even ran a McDonald's.  it was kind of all about the accessories of the week.  stumbling on a tiny doctor's kit meant that barbie was donning a lab coat after spending ten years in college.  however, if it was the week i could sneak playing with my twin brother's ninja turtles pizza parlor, well, barbie was making the pizza-pies.

no matter what she was doing, though, barbie was well dressed, well liked, and having a great time.  she went grocery shopping, out to shows with her friends, whatever.

and barbie was quite the dater.

at first i only had this slicked hair creepo 80s ken who was only made worse when i added a pen mustache.  i did not know much about pedophiles at the time, but even i was nervous in my imaginary world about letting ken near skipper.

so, though ken hung out and was a part of the scene, he never really gelled with barbie.  and that was when the new kids on the block dolls came out.  i had to have one. of each. of course.  and was rewarded one christmas with the whole set plus the nkotb stage.  heaven.

so, barbie took her time and went out with them all, sometimes more than once with joey, the favorite.  but it never seemed to be as much fun as playing careers or friendships.  i guess my extremely young mind did not really know what grown ups did on dates that would create lasting connections, and i certainly did not know what was expected to happen after those promising dates came to a close.

sure, i got the whole marriage thing, but was never really sure why the chicken (marriage) ever came before the egg (children).   so, when a baby barbie was brought into the mix, barbie married joey.  mostly this just meant that joey sat in a chair in the barbie mansion while barbie got on with her life...don't look at me like that, i was just a kid.

now that you think i am crazy, let me explain.  when i was a kid, i was playing with just the one male character type. it did not really work out, so i sort of abandoned the concept, not being able to fully understand why i would want to include a male at all.  maybe, had i continued to play with dolls way passed the point of acceptable age, i would have diversified and had more fun with a male partner in crime.

what i am relating this to, i guess, is my early to mid twenties.  i was so busy working, meeting people, and having fun, and was seeming to gravitate toward the same type over and over, so i just kind of stopped bothering for awhile.  i am happy to know, that unlike barbie, i have stuck it out for long enough to realize the possibilities out there.


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