Sunday, May 27, 2012

cue the clown music. vol. one.

These few 'clown' posts are to show why i am still single, as this is the bulk of online attention i am getting.  I have not altered or changed anything except to blank out names and phone numbers...

Can I seduce ur panties off and make u smile???

Well, I'm're single. I think we may be looking for different things on here...maybe not.
I hope you find that you're looking for. And if that would happen to look something like me, I'd be honored getting to know you better.

i c u like books...2 bad i never read 1. I like your boobs...err I mean book collection....I mean uhh what do you do with a salad fork? (this one is from a really cool guy who was actually being funny...)

Ur hott ;) whats up ?

u like real niggaz from philly
why we never gt to chat

What's up sexy I'm ******
How are you doing beautiful? You look like someone I would love to wake up next to in the morning

Yummmmmm! Lol (this would not be bad at all if he actually knew he was referencing still life with woodpecker.)

Let me re introduce myself hello my name is Steve. Your extraordinary beautiful looking women.. is that proper enough for uou hahahaha yea right Im not gonna waste my time on another female like that again. byzzz!!! N btw ur not that hott to be puttin your pussy on a silver platter

ewww so gaangstsa internet shit talker nm dsb

Whos left headed

Damn u sexy as shiii
I love you
your so sexy wanna kiss u always mz pretty

Hey sexy

Get to know me..... i'll show you the way =)

Wow lefty and smokin hot! What are the hang ups!

fuck ur hot

u r sexy
you sure ur not a hipster =)

You're kinda cute muffinbutt :)

could i ask u somethin?? would u record me sucking my own d*ck? it's 10 inches long .... if that holds any weight.. ur really pretty.


  1. You want to go see the weeknd with me at first ave? If you have any interest in that we could meet up for a drink before. I don't know why you're giving me the cold shoulder, if you didn't like my profile pic meet me in person once. I look forward to hearing from you. Choose your own adventure...

  2. will you stop trying to conact me through my blog? i do not even remember who you are.

  3. "Get to know me, I'll show you the way"? Show you the way where? Is he a trail guide or a Catholic Recruiter?

    Hi, my name is Steve. I'm going to compliment you and then insult you in the middle of this message because I don't know have the class to stop, think, proofread, and kindly tell you, "I'm sorry, I don't see it happening for us. Best of luck."

  4. I remember messaging you, but it had no resemblance to those messages you posted above. Still no reply *sigh*

  5. I didn't send any message like what was copied & pasted above. Still no reply. Heh. This comment thread is like a support group for guys she never wrote back on POF. :)