Friday, June 8, 2012

Top 5 ways To Make Your Date Regret Her decision To Meet You:

you show up late. very late. so late that she starts to think she got the am and pm mixed up. and you do not call to say you will be late. twenty minutes and no phone call? bye.

you show up and announce that you are flat broke. so why are you dating? i am not saying that the guy is ever obligated to pay for everything, but is the girl? this has actually happened to me twice. i ended up buying a few drinks because the conversation was interesting, but nothing beyond. you can afford your bong rips but not afford to pay your own way when meeting someone socially? loser.

you force your date to go to some out of the way place because it is stumbling distance to your front door. no. it is super polite to choose a meeting place that is comfortable for your date, in case you decide to get all axe-murdery on her or something. i will rarely venture out of uptown for the first meeting just because i like to be surrounded by people who know who i am and where i am when i am with someone i do not know. i get that you are probably harmless, but really, one can never be too careful.

you show up drunk or high. should be a no-brainer, but isn't. i get that dating is stressful and having a way to relax beforehand is a good idea, but, believe me, you aren't fooling anyone, mr bloodshot eyes.

you talk about sex. a lot. you talk about your ex. a lot. you talk about sex with your ex. a lot. see where i am going with this? guys who are insecure tend to talk about sex way too much, which can make a girl uncomfortable. even if we do want to hop on right away, we still like to be treated like ladies. also, guys who talk about their exes a lot are usually rebounding. this is why i skip profiles where the ex is mentioned, even briefly.

what i wish is to know what it is that women do on first dates that can be so annoying. i want to know if i have done any of those things, or maybe even to know what it is that girls do that blow guy's minds. i would like to put a list like that together about guys, but not one thing has happened yet.

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  1. Women dont do anything to annoy, rather its a case of finding the wrong men! Most men are so insecure that the mask they wear eventually wears thin and true colors show. Its to bad you had such a horrible date for a woman so deserving of something so much more. I mentioned before how to look me up, I just hope someday you do, Cass!!!