Sunday, June 17, 2012

i am kind of a big deal.

i am kind of a big deal.

in my bath tub. water displacement and all that jazz. and that is where my kind of a big deal status ends.

that being said, i am amazed at how many fantastic, if not totally generic compliments i get every single day from this site. i have to wonder, though, why do these compliments not get me feeling all warm and gooey? well, because they feel copied and pasted. see for yourself, the eerie similarities:

Hi there gorgeous ;).

 your photogenic I like it haha

Hi. You are absolutely beautiful all i can say...your gorgeous...

Ur amazing

your very cute

you look very beautiful with youe eyes expression!! :)

you so hot
Hey you lookin.great

You are super cute !

You are very attracting! Nice photo's

damn your fine

Hey beautiful

and this is just one day. i am not poking fun at anyone or saying that they should not compliment people. i just wonder if we all should not be throwing our warm fuzzies out more regularly, and to people's faces. myself included.

So beautiful.I think we should fall In Love

Very good looking I still think u r ;)

Hello gorgeous, how is ur days going sweetheart

hi there is you a sweet caring funloving and faithful woman if yes lets chat txt me

Hi u doing ma I see u look sexy


  1. You are a big deal!!! (And very methodic) Message me on FB please when your done with all the others. I'm ready! I dropped the other site.